Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) May 2018 - Page 10

him as an honorary physician. He was the team doctor for the team Belenenses and was also appointed as honorary associate of “The Belen- enses” (1984), and also of the Ginásio Club Figueirense (1991). In 1992 he received the Medal of Honor of Sports Merit awarded by the Ministry of Education (1992). Also, Prof. José Neto honoured him in his Sports Medicine Journeys held in Paços de Ferreira. More recently, in 2015, he received the awards at the 1 st Gala Gold organized by FPF (photo). His body now rests in peace in the cemetery of the Alto de João João, in Lisbon, but his spirit and his memory will continue among us. Dr. Basil Ribeiro Rev. Medicina Desportiva informa, 2018; 9(3):8-9 Dr. Fernando Gomes, Presidente da FPF Dr. Camacho Vieira... here, with us forever Dr. Camacho Vieira is dead. He was 92 years old. He had 92 years of life full of competence, friendship and humanity. We got poorer. I didn’t know him as a doctor, but only as a person. He always spoke to me with an open smile, expressing a great kindness. He was an educated man, a scholar, and an artist. He liked to sing and in Coimbra he was the first tenor in the academic choir and later belonged to the academic Tuna. But the fado of Coimbra was his great passion. He really liked the fado of Coimbra and he recorded his Fados from 1953 until 2004, the year that was produced the work A. Camacho – Enchanted Coimbra. Several dozens of compositions were part of his repertoire. The first serenade broadcasted alive on the radio for all the country was in 1946 with his participation. In 2011 was published the photobiography “The song and music of Coimbra” by Manuel Marques Inácio. Also, in Fado there was goodness and sim- plici ty. The city Council of Coimbra recognized his cultural merit (2005). The club Académica honors him in 8 may 2018 2013 before the start of a football game. Dr. Camacho specializes in ortho- pedics and sports medicine. He was the team doctor at the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) for 38 years! With the masseur João Silva he got on the pitch hundreds of times to take care of the players, on the begin- ning in sprint and later at the rhythm of his stiff joints. He lived moments of sadness, glory and professional success. He saved lives. Once it was the life of a journalist of the news- paper Diário de Notícias. It was in Germany, on October 16 th , 1985. The player Carlos Manuel made that fave- lous shot “off the street” and scored a monumental goal. Portugal was in for the world Championship in Mexico after being absent for two decades. The journalist’s heart couldn’t handle it, he suffered a acute myocardial infarction. It was in the locker room that Dr. Camacho used the defibrilla- tor and saved a life. What a glory, Dr. Camacho! There were two victories on the same night. His life of competence and dedica- tion made him to earn several honors. The Portuguese President awarded him as Commander of the Order of Merit (1994). FPF distinguished In my name and on behalf of the Portuguese Football Federation I would like to express my sense of regret for the disappearance of the Dr Augusto Camacho Vieira. His professional competence and his human qualities contributed to enhance the Portuguese Football Federation and the Portuguese foot- ball. With an extreme education and a recognized artistic spirit, it leaves to the country an enormous legacy of joy, humility and friendliness. On behalf of FPF, I send the deepest condolences to the bereaved family and to all the friends of Dr. Camacho Vieira. (Source: FPF website) Dr. Augusto Roxo Augusto Camacho Vieira was born in Godinhela, small village of Vila Nova, Miranda do Corvo, on 12/11/1926. His childhood and adolescence were passed in the Figueira da Foz, then he came to Coimbra to attend medi- cine, and lived at the Real República Palácio da Loucura. In that time, he gained fame as a singer of fado of Coimbra, dedicating himself until the end of his life, produc- ing a discography of value. After he graduated, he headed to Lisbon