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were the most affected (52.8%) and the thigh was the body part most affected. Despite some limitations (including tendon and muscles in the same group of injury, the diagno- sis may have been made by physi- otherapists, lack of definition of the competitive level, for example), is a laborious and interesting study. In 27/12/2017 the American Academy of Neurology updated the guidelines of the Mild congnitive impairment (ACL), since the previous ones dated to 2001. In pext entitled Practice Guideline Update Summary: Mild cognitive impairment. Report Of The Guideline Development, Dissemination, and Implementation Subcommittee Of The American Academy Of Neurology, the authors refer that prevalence increases with age (6.7% for ages 60 – 64, 8.4% for 65 – 69, 10.1% for 70 – 74, 14.8% for 75 – 79 and 25.2% for 80 – 84 years) and present several main recommendations, where the practice of physical exercise (level evidence B) is highlighted, the medication that alters the cognitive state should be interrupted when- ever possible and the behavioral symptoms should be treated (level evidence B). Once again, and like the example about the usefulness for other neurological pathologies, the practice of regular physical exercise is an instrument of great utility. DOI: WNL.0000000000004826.. The Dr. Florian Egger (photo), from the Institute of Sports and Preventive Medicine of the University of Saar- land, Germany, is responsible for a prospective study of FIFA – Sudden Cardiac Death (FIFA-SCD), which was implemented in 2014, and which aims to record the sudden deaths that occur during soccer practice. In this register, there are no (for- tunately) notifications of SCD in Portugal in this context, but the author already has several notifica- tions from Germany, France, UK and Spain, for example. The Clínica do Dragão Espregueira Mendes Sports Centre, FIFA Medical Centre Of Excel- lence, was invited by this researcher to promote with its partners a portuguese register of SCD, with reports of the fatal cases that have occurred since 2014, or that might occur in the future, during the competition or training and up to one hour after the end of these sessions, in any age or competitive level. The registration is available online (Https:// report.html. It is strongly stimulated the participation of all those involved in the phenomenon of football. In 4/1/2018, the Orthopedics department of the Hospital Center and of the University of Coim- bra (CHUC) held the 3 rd course of immobilization and casts in the context of the reception to new doctors during the meeting The 21 st week of the residency doctor. With the coordination of Dr. Diogo Moura and Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca, the course began with theoretical ses- sions and then the participants had the opportunity, in a guided way, to practise in three rotary tables the several types of immobilizations. At the end, a demonstration of articu- lated functional casts of the upper and lower limbs was performed. 19 resident orthopedics and 1 st year doctors in the CHUC participated in the course. The instructors were: Drs. Diogo Moura, Paulo Costa, Catarina Quintas, Gil Ribeiro and the nurses Fernando Venda, Rui Castro, Alcino Barata e Elisabete Cotrim. It was definitely another successful edition of a course that begins to become a tradition in the reception to new doctors at the CHUC who are interested in the pathology of the locomotion device. Once again it was obtained an excellent feedback from the participants. The Portugal Football School, which is part of the Research and Develop- ment Unit of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), organized in the last month of January the International Scientific Conference “Football Is Medicine”. The central objective of this event was to bring to the City of Football several national and interna- tional specialists to discuss the main results and evidence scientific of the actuality, which have allowed to con- sider recreational football in nowa- days an important and effective public health strategy in the promo- tion of active and healthy lifestyles and, consequently, the prevention and treatment of many chronic dis- eases. In addition to the conferences held, it is also important to stress out that, in a symbolic action and with a view to highlight the role that recreational football can have in the health, quality of life and well-being of the populations, the president of FPF (Dr. Fernando Gomes) and the Vice-president of the Danish Football Federation (Dr. Bent Clausen) have released the “medicine” football and the respective bull with the main benefits of recreational football.  XVI Jornadas Sociedade Portuguesa de Medicina Desportiva 14 de Abril – Coimbra Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa march 2018 · 7