Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) March 2018 - Page 6

We are reading this In this section we intend to give information about recent articles or about those that deserve to be (re)read and commented. It is an open page to all colleagues who wish to collaborate by describing or commenting on topics of sports medicine. Revista Medicina Desportiva informa, 2018; 9(2):4-5. Comentário ao artigo The Effect of Postexercise Carbohydrate and Protein Ingestion on Bone Metabolism 1 Prof. Doutor Vítor H. Teixeira, 2 Dr. Filipe J. Teixeira Nutritionist and aAssiciate Professor at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto and researcher at the center of physical activity and leisure of the University of Porto; 2 Nutritionist and researcher at the Laboratory of Physiology and biochemistry of the exercise of the Faculty of Human Motoring at the University of Lisbon. Body Temple Lda e Fisiogaspar. Lisbon. 1 1 reduction of bone resorption (b-CTX) in the first 3 hours of recovery and elevated bone formation from that moment. The kinetics of the response of other parameters (Ca 2 + PO4 3 – and PTH) it is not sugges- tive that they mediate the positive effect of nutritional intake. Later nutritional intake (2 hours) had an effect of the same magnitude and a similar temporal pathway in reduc- ing bone resorption. This investi- gation suggests that the intake of carbohydrates and protein following the exercise can be beneficial, to the extent that it mitigates reabsorption and increases bone formation, con- tributing to a more benefic