Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) July 2018

de Medicina DESPORTIVA in forma Bimonthly Year 9 Number 04 July 2018 Price – 2,50€ Interview: Dr. Hélder Dores News FMUP: Summaries and Comments Sun Allergy Clinical case: Distal Avulsion of the Bicipital Tendon Associated with Prolonged use of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Research: Extracorporeal shock wave: an Effective therapeutic approach for the treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Temas: Disc Arthroplasty and Sports practice Protein supplementation Summaries: XXVII Course of Rehabilitation and Traumatology of Sport – Part 2 SPAT: Outside-In Meniscal Repair for Anterior Horn Tearsr Photo gallery Free. Write Revista Medicina Desportiva