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THE PORTUGUESE LEADERS IN ESSKA (2018-2020) During the ESSKA Congress in Glasgow, in May, new leaders, coordinators and members of the several sections of ESSKA for the period of 2028-2020 were nominated. One of the most important sections of ESSKA is the Euro- pean Sports Medicine Association (ESMA), whose objectives are “the inter- disciplinary cooperation to solve the most important health problems of the athletes, especially the sports injuries”, but also the creation of the- matic and specific working groups involving several sports. The organiza- tion of events and the publication of scientific papers are also objectives of this ESSKA section. We have the honor and the privilege that the chairman of this section is our colleague and President of SPAT, Dr. Henrique Jones. It is of all interest that the community of Sports Medicine joins ESMA in order to participate on the ongoing initiatives, but also to help the consoli- dation of ESMA’s role in the European sports medicine. ESSKA – ESMA CHAIRMAN: Dr. Henrique Jones The new President of ESSKA is Dr. David Dejour, from Lyon, France, that replaces Dr. Roman Seil, from Lux- emburg, which naturally takes the seat of past-Presi- dent. The 1 st vice-President is the Suisse Dr. Jacques Menetrey, and the 2 nd vice-President is Dr. Roland Becker, from Germany. Dr. Hélder Pereira got up the hierarchy of ESSKA to become an effective member of the board, being now the Treasurer, a task with respon- sibility that will ask for a big effort from him. He left the position of chairman of Ankle and Foot Associates (AFA) and became the past-chairman of this section. He finished his role as past-chairman of the Science and Basic Committee (SBC). However, the SBC still have a Portuguese representation, that is Prof. Miguel Oliveira. In this committee the President is Dr. Laura Girolamo (Italy) and Dr. Caroline Mouton (Luxemburg) is the vice-President. ESSKA TREASURER: Dr. Hélder Pereira Dr. Nuno Gomes continues to extol Portugal with is growing role at the Shoulder section (ESA) with the responsibility with the Education in this section. The chairman is Giuseppe Milano (Italy) and the vice-chair- man is Ladislav Kovacic (Slovenia). Dr. José Filipe Salreta, past-President of SPAT, hon- ors Portugal by his quality of member the Osteotomy Committee, whose President is Dr. Ronald van Heer- waarden (Holland) and the vice-President is Dr. Matt Dawson (United Kingdon). Dr. Manuel Vieira da Silva is a member of the Patela Instability Committee, and Drs. Petri Sillanpaa (Finland) and Florian Dirisamer (Austria) are, respectively, President and vice-President. The Portuguese representative in the Committee for the Elbow and Wrist is Dr. Enrico Guerra, and Dr. Paolo Arrigoni (Italy) is the President of the committee and Dr. Denise Eygendaal (Holland) is the vice- President. Dr. André Sarmento will keep hios place in the Committee of Hip Arthroscopy, and Dr. Fillipo Randelin (Italy) is the President and Dr. Vikas Khanduja (United Kingdon) is the vice-President. ESSKA has three administrative committees (Education, Associates and Nomeation) and eight scientific committees. Besides those already indi- cated, there is the Arthroscopy, Cartilage and under-45. ESSKA explains the reason for the existence of these committees, because they “stimulate sci- entific activity, … help in the spread of the scientific knowledge and they are a forum where the specialists can show their work to their pairs”. The four sections are: ankle and foot, knee, shoulder and sports medicine. 15.º Curso de Pós-Graduação em Medicina Desportiva Destinatários: Licenciados em Medicina / Mestrado Integrado em Medicina (Portugal, Brasil e PALOP) Programa Geral: • Bioquímica e farmacodinâmica • Fisiologia do exercício • Anatomia funcional • Ortotraumatologia e Reabilitação desportiva • Prevenção de lesões • Pneumologia e Alergologia • Cardiologia • Clinica médico-desportiva • Nutrição • Psicologia • Exame médico-desportivo • Urgências em Medicina Desportiva • Populações especiais • Temas específicos em Medicina Desportiva • Dopagem • Prescrição de exercício • Exercício em ambientes extremos • Avaliação médica do atleta de rendimento Duração: Outubro de 2018 a Julho de 2019, sábados, das 9h às 13h e 14h às 18h Frequência (2 opções): Presencial ou Videoconferência em direto ou diferido Candidaturas: Em até 10 de Setembro de 2018. O número de vagas é limitado. Revista de Medicina Desportiva informa july 2018 · 31