Revista de Medicina Desportiva (English) July 2018 - Page 32

The representation of SPAT in Glasgow Henrique Jones, Niek van Dijk (honorary member of SPAT), Roman veil (honorary member of SPAT and past President of ESSKA), and Helder Pereira Helder Pereira and Kenneth Hunt at the Live Ankle Surgery Helder Pereira passing the testimony to James Calder as the new President of AFAS Helder Pereira and the takeover in the ESSKA’s Board and felicitations from Prof. Brude Reider (Editor in chief of the American Journal of Sports Medicine and from Prof. Beaufils (coordinator of the Meniscus Steering Group) J. Karlsson, David Dejour, Roman Seil, Matteo Denti and Jacques Menetrey The President of SPAT Dr. Henrique Jones and some young associates of SPAT in Glasgow – preparing the future Dr Alcindo Silva had a very active parti- cipation Ana Barreira, the secretary of SPAT, and A. Pereira de Castro Helder Pereira and the Basic Science Research Committee: the most active group of ESSKA – ESSKAR prize The SPAT’s spot had a lot of visits Niek van Dijk (honorary member of SPAT), David Dejoiur, the Presi