REVEAL Q3 2017 - Page 9

WORKING IT! The Entrepreneurs, Executives and Businesswomen of ASC An Interview with Lydia Sewell Owner, Lydia Sewell Photography By Aly Merritt Lydia Sewell is the owner and founder of a successful photography business in Atlanta. She has an impressive book of business and adores what she does. Aly Merritt is a former copy editor with a residual addiction to journalism. She is currently a product manager at SalesLoft, hosts ATL Startup Village at Atlanta Tech Village, and sporadically blogs at www. The women of the Atlanta Social Club are an incredibly diverse, ta lented and ambitious group. Each quarter, we highlight a few of our members who are reaching great success in their chosen professions, whether that’s curating an art gallery, founding a company or directing strategy for a high- profile corporation. We admire their drive and enthusiasm, and want to share more about the passion they bring to their work. “I’ve fallen in love with making people feel beautiful when maybe they didn’t think they were,” she says. “With photography, I get to show people time and time again how other people and I see them.” But if you’d asked her about her dream job in high school, you’d have gotten a different answer. “Photography was always in the back of my mind, but I never took it seriously until life gave me some difficult choices to make later on,” Lydia says. “At the age of 15, I felt called into the music ministry and so I went to Lee University as a double major in Music Education and Art Education with a double minor in Church Music and Religion. REVEAL | Q3 2017 9 “I was so sure I was meant to work at a church somewhere and lead worship but just after a year at my dream school, I had to leave and come home.” Lydia says she was angry with herself and with God, and she just felt lost. She moved home for a year and didn’t paint, play her guitar, go to church or sing. Instead, she worked several jobs at the mall, and just went to and from work. “Overall, I was just a different person that I didn’t like,” she says. Lydia comes from a creative, multi- talented family. Her mother is a writer with interior design training who designs weddings; her sister is a painter known for elaborate murals and also an event manager at Ponce City Market; and her father is an engineer and mechanic who “can build anything from nothing.” Lydia herself spent time painting, drawing and taking art classes growing up,