REVEAL Q3 2017 - Page 6

ENGAGE IN ASC By Alea Bennett T his September, I will be celebrating one year with Atlanta Social Club. Going into it, I never knew the impact that this club would have on my life. It would be difficult to put into a letter all of the irreplaceable connections I have made through my involvement with ASC. This list, however, will highlight my benefits of engaging with Atlanta Social Club. Three ways that being involved in ASC has impacted my life 1. As a business owner, networking is a vital aspect of business development. In the year that I have been involved with ASC, the majority of my clients have stemmed from ASC or internal referrals. 2. An amazing aspect of Atlanta Social Club is the impact it has made on our community. Just in the past year, ASC has raised thousands of dollars for local and international non-profits, curated events that resulted in the donation of hundreds of articles of clothing for the needy, raised money though letter writing campaigns, and many other philanthropic endeavors. The benefits of being a part of these movements are immeasurable. 3. Last, and by far the most important, are the connections I have made. Ash and Eleni, all of the Brand Ambassadors, and my best friend are all long-lasting friendships that I can attribute to ASC. As my involvement increases, so do the benefits. Not only are ASC’s events philanthropic in nature and offer great networking opportunities, they are FUN! As fall arrives, I encourage you to join us in some of our amazing events. Whether we are carving pumpkins, hosting a masquerade or having a happy hour, be sure to take advantage of the amazing opportunity to engage with ASC. Take it from me, you will not regret it. REVEAL | Q2 2017 6 Alea Bennett is the Chief Amazement Officer at Bennett Marketing, voted Atlanta’s Best Marketing Solutions Firm. Bennett Marketing implements innovative, creative, and trustworthy solutions to bridge the gap between brands and consumers. She is also the Director of Brand for Atlanta Social Club. When she isn’t creating amazing brands, she likes to do yoga and snuggle with her pup, Georgia.