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AUTUMN B LO O M By Kendall Brown + Robin Smith Let’s set the scene: a wonderful couple gets engaged. They’re over the moon about spending the rest of their lives together and they’re looking forward to planning the wedding of their dreams. Then they start the planning process and realize they have no idea where to start. The lists of things to do, people to hire, and decisions to make seem absolutely endless. This is actually a fairly commonplace scenario. but have no fear: your friendly wedding pros are here! Our very first tip would be to hire professionals. Hiring people that know what they’re doing and have spent time honing their craft will save you time, stress, and, in some cases, money. This is especially true in our respective professions as there are thousands of variables in pricing, designing, and building a single arrangement, let alone fifty. Robin strives to imbue all her design with elegance, joy, and beauty. She has spent more than a decade refining her floral and design craft. She has a passion for all green and growing things, antique oddities and furry creatures. Robin lives above her floral studio in Historical West End with her mutt Beau, and two cats, Blue and Belle. Our second tip is simple: choose seasonal blooms. It is always best to buy seasonal flowers as it is not only economical but the flowers are readily available and you can almost always guarantee superior quality. Most autumn blooms are colorful and create instant strong impressions; you could use neutrals of course, but the fall bounty is endless! There are so many wonderful and seasonal options that have nothing to do with orange, red, or even burnt sienna (even though it was my favorite crayon as a kid). What about a palette of peach, sage, and burgundy? Or maybe pale, buttery yellow accented with dark cream and dark blue privet berries? Don’t be overwhelmed! This guide is designed to help you choose the perfect fall flowers for your wedding and stay within budget. The list of available autumnal blooms is extensive but we’ve narrowed this list down to feature our favorites, both in color and texture. If you have any questions, or just want to talk flowers, don’t hesitate to reach out! REVEAL | Q3 2017 25 Kendall Brown is an Atlanta- based flower wholesaler and event florist with Northside Flower Imports, Inc. Currently residing in Dunwoody with her spoiled cocker spaniel, Mr. Darcy. She enjoys a good book, snuggling with her pup, restaurant exploring, and new adventures with the lovely ladies of ASC!