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By Annie Lockwood
That special time of year is here : FOOTBALL SEASON . A way of life and culture for the SEC territory .
I ’ m going to level with y ’ all , I am not a big football fan . When people have asked who I pull for , I usually answer with whatever the hottest guy in the room says . That ’ s a smart strategy right ? I ’ m a bona fide social football fan . The pomp and circumstance of watching in a bar with soon to be friends rooting for your compatriots really can rope me in when I have no earthly idea what is going on in the game .
Regardless of what happens on the screen , being in the right bar or pub can really make a huge difference in the fun that is to be had . For me , if the wings and beer ain ’ t right then I ’ m not interested . These are some of my favorite spots around town for the viewing experience and delicious food and drinks , that aren ’ t Taco Mac .
BUCKHEAD : RED PEPPER TAQUERIA I never expected to watch sports while downing margs and queso but this spot has the unique flair of fresh South of the Border food and enough screens to enjoy every game . Last time I was at Red Pepper in Buckhead , the restaurant was packed out to watch a hotly contested MMA fight . The energy was magnetic .
PONCEY-HIGHLANDS : DIESEL FILLING STATION This tiny nugget of a bar has the local feel of Cheers with an enviable patio . The bar hosts a delicious menu of savory burgers and dogs along with ample screens inside and outside to watch your teams . Word around town is the bar is heavily Oregon and Auburn fans .
CABBAGETOWN : MILLTOWN ARMS TAVERN Cabbagetown is very elusive to most Atliens . From it ’ s history of being a hippy stomping ground in the ‘ 60s to now being one of the coolest and most sought after neighborhoods , Milltown ( as the locals call it ) has a very chill vibe and bar food that rivals most haunts in Atlanta . Don ’ t let the narrow streets and limited parking deter you , this bar is worth it for flat screens that are better than your own , amazing wings , and cozy environment .
EAST ATLANTA VILLAGE : THE MIDWAY To quote one of my friends , “ This place gets crazy for sports !” Right now , they are a hotbed of Atlanta United fans watching matches but come fall , American football will be dominating the screens . As a resident of EAV , this is one of my favorite places for their extensive beer list and their delicious and great priced food . If you get worn out from the hoopla , check out their new Tiki Bar on the back side of the restaurant for finely crafted cocktails in a throwback setting .
KIRKWOOD : KIRKYARD You can ’ t drive past Kirkyard without seeing their beautiful hand panted brick . Inside , your eyes won ’ t believe their two huge 80 ” HD TVs and over ten other screens in the restaurant . Many people rave about their wings , but vegetarians and Paleo pals are delighted to have options that they can eat alongside their meat eating , non-paleo friends while watching the game .
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