Reusable Packaging News No. 3, 2019 Bulk Container Special - Page 46


Reusable Transport Packaging (featured)

172 13th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL


tel: (727) 308-2391


Description: Container Pooling & Logistics (ContainerPAL) is a service division of Reusable Transport Packaging, Inc. ContainerPAL rents industry-leading bulk containers, harvest bins, liquid containers, distribution totes, harvest lugs, plastic pallets, and more.

Arena Products

2101 Mt. Read Blvd., Rochester, NY 14615

tel: (844) 762-0127


Description: Arena Products brings to container pooling the same spirit of innovation that is the mainstay of our dynamic IBC and liner product line. Our approach to pooling is intensely customer-centric, meaning we design and implement systems, processes and programs according to the unique way you do business.


Wahlerstraße 28, D-40472 Düsseldorf

tel: +49 211 98 480 48 0


Description: The EPAL box pallet is the indispensable workhorse of the

automotive industry and the most widely-used exchange box pallet in the world. It is mainly used in Europe


77-81, rue des Lilas d’Espagne

92 400 Courbevoie - FRANCE

tel: +33 1 49 05 21 21


Description: For 30 years, Gefco has been designing and developing solutions to supply reusable packaging to production sites. These solutions include the analysis, planning, management and monitoring of your product movements throughout the entire supply chain.


3 Changi South Street 1, Santa United Building, #03-01 Singapore 486795

tel: +65 6382 1788

Description: Goodpack is a innovator in developing safe and cost-efficient transportation and storage solutions for challenging payloads, including natural

rubber, food and liquids and specialty industrial goods such as tires and automotive parts.