Reusable Packaging News No. 3, 2019 Bulk Container Special - Page 32




Schoeller Allibert Introduces Combo Excelsior® IBC

Contraload Launches New, Industry Leading IBC to European Pooling Market

Aartselaar, Belgium: Contraload (, the European market leader in plastic pallet pooling, has announced the latest addition to its liquid container pooling range – Superior. Production began in November 2018 and Contraload is now offering these new state-of-the-art liquid bins to current and new clients.

Superior is the most hygienic and safe reusable IBCs on the market, ideal for high-value liquids as well as ingredients logistics. Its 70% folding ratio and easy stacking features will allow 182 empty bins to be transported in a standard European truck. It is water and dirt proof with a 100% safe, easy-to-clean design from base to lid make this bin ideal for pooling.

The double wall structure provides an exceptional strength and durable performance with a 1500kg unit load. Its standard 1200X1000 footprint in conjunction with 1000L capacity and rackability, make the bin usable for all companies in Europe.

Contraload has chosen not to offer its customers a wide variety of liners, glands, and valves. Instead, it offers expert

advice on both filling and emptying, and simply supports its customers in buying directly from the liner producer. “To get the right liner in the Superior, we are partnering with a selection of liner producers in different countries, making sure customers get the best bag for the job. They can buy directly from the producer and keep prices low,” says Ebo De Muinck, Product Manager Liquids at Contraload with over 20 years of experience in liquids.

“The new Superior is the best fluid bin available, and we are pleased to be able to offer it for pooling to Contraload clients, enabling them to enjoy its industry-leading benefits without need of purchase,” states Jesse Sels, MD of Contraload. “This bin, in conjunction with our industry-leading pooling system, provides a best-in-class solution for industries such as food processing, ingredients, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. It is simply “Superior”.”