Reusable Packaging News No. 3, 2019 Bulk Container Special - Page 27

CHEP Presents Its Reusable Transport Packaging Solution for Lithium-ion Batteries

At the leading European trade fair for battery technology in Stuttgart, CHEP Automotive presented a globally available, UN-certified reusable system for transporting class 9 dangerous goods.

The containers, which are based on CHEP standards, are specially tailored to the transport requirements of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive industry. The aim is to offer OEMs, battery manufacturers and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers who produce or transport lithium-ion battery packs and cells a worldwide scalable, safe and efficient returnable transport solution.

“The switch to electromobility and the widespread use of lithium-ion batteries are making their transport a core topic for the automotive industry. The big challenge is to ensure that different national dangerous goods requirements are met along automotive supply chains, while at the same time working efficiently, safely and sustainably. Only in this way automobile manufacturers and their suppliers will be able to lay the foundations for stable series production of electric vehicles,” stresses Sanjiv Takyar, Head of Innovation, Solutioning & Implementation, Europe at CHEP.

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Lithium-ion batteries have spread rapidly in recent years. They are not only to be found in electric cars but are also used in smart watches, mobile phones, notebooks, industrial trucks and even pacemakers. Their big advantage is high effectiveness and an almost completely missing charge memory effect.

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