Reusable Packaging News No. 3, 2019 Bulk Container Special - Page 19

Ludo Gielen sees new opportunities to reduce the massive volumes of cardboard that are driving the shift of end users to returnable solutions.

Ludo also believes digitalization will disrupt the logistics system and fundamentally change the way returnable crate systems are designed and handled.

In the era of the Internet of Things, with increasing traffic load on our streets, re-thinking is necessary, he says.

Losses are an issue for all pool providers and could be reduced through the implementation of smart crate technologies. Schoeller Allibert is developing rechargeable beacons and creating new features to enable the crates to recharge themselves and provide information on their location. This, combined with new materials and special stacking and nesting profiles, will enable retailers to significantly reduce the space required for stackable folding crates and provide greater insight into their supply chains.

The potential advantages for pooling companies by changing to this new crate

are significant and will enable them to be even more competitive for their retailer and grower customers.

Ludo believes that beacons will likely allow the poolers to offer their services without collecting deposits, saving growers and retailers hundreds of millions of Euros.

With the anticipated shift to innovative new reusable packaging products, Schoeller Allibert will also provide a recycling service for customers who want to take advantage of this exciting change to the next generation.

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