Reusable Packaging News No. 3, 2019 Bulk Container Special | Page 30



Automotive Packaging: The IsoBin IBC Family from Macro Plastics Drives Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

The IsoBin family of foldable large containers (FLC) from Macro Plastics is driving sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain for OEM and 3PL customers worldwide.

Innovation is at the forefront. Macro notes that its IsoBin 47×45 footprint was the industry’s first IBC designed to optimize a Hi-Cube sea container, while also inter-stacking with domestic 48×45 footprint bins.

The IsoBin 39, also referred to in Europe as the “EuroBin 1210″, is designed to stack 10-high in a Mega Trailer when empty to optimize cube utilization. It also offers patented replaceable fork straps, drop doors, and sidewalls to extend product life.

The IsoBin is at the heart of the award-winning DCM+ partnership between CHEP and Ford of Europe. The pooling provider and its automotive client were recent recipients of the “Supply Chain Solutions” award at the Automotive Global Awards in Cologne, Germany. The solution created the opportunity to standardize packaging for intercontinental flows, reducing space requirements and drastically reducing corrugated packaging waste, while providing optimal protection of automotive parts.

The IsoBin was chosen for the European DCM+ after winning customer administered performance competitions. Unique to the industry, IsoBins are injection molded with polypropylene which offers material advantages of resilience, light tare weight, memory, and recyclability.

Macro, long dominant in the agriculture industry, states that its new IsoBin family marks a renewed commitment to the automotive market. It is the culmination of decades of experience, designed by the team that previously developed the enduringly popular ROPAK line of plastic bins. “With the IsoBin, we have combined our wealth of design experience and

lessons learned from the ROPAK, with today’s innovations in design and testing technology”, said Jeff Mitchell VP of Business Development for Macro Plastics.

The IsoBin family of products has passed UN-9 testing for shipment of hazardous goods, at both European and US independent certified test labs. “Our customers can be assured that IsoBins will contribute to passing their UN-9 hazardous materials product testing”, said Dan Jakubiak, Manager of Business Development.

But Macro Plastics is not resting on the success of the IsoBin family. “Macro Plastics is actively developing additional innovative, industry-leading products that will drive sustainability through the automotive supply chain”, Mr. Jakubiak added.