Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Winter 2018 - Page 9

Easy Migration: The new design supports all current WebFronts ® App settings and choices set by retailers; retailers can preview their site’s new look in real time in a staging environment. No re-work is required and there is no downtown during the switch. Also, retailers won’t lose any historical data, e.g., Change Log or Progressive Profiling information. Example of ‘Socrates’ Design session, Gilbert said, “WebFronts ® is constantly evolving with things like new code, features and page design updates. But every few years, we blow the doors off the hinges by designing an entirely new platform around the most significant advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior. Ladies and gentlemen, meet ‘Socrates.’” The rest, as they say, is history. ‘SOCRATES’: A CLOSER LOOK The new design platform provides independent retailers with an ultra- modern look, better cross-device performance and a “mobile-first” check out experience. Other notable features include: Full Screen Design: An entire website— or just certain sections of it—can automatically expand to any screen size no matter how large. Responsive Aesthetic: Rather than settle for an adaptive or a responsive mobile site, the new platform has the best of both with the popular responsive mobile look and the fine control of adaptive mobile technology. Dynamic New Features: These include pop-up cart preview from any page, the ability to set future atypical store hours, product feature videos and more. Advanced Flagging: Easily show specific products’ special features that are meaningful to prospects such as items that are on display in the showroom, available for immediate delivery, best sellers, on clearance and more. “I was told we would be queued up and migrated within 48 hours and by the next morning, we were on the Socrates platform without a moment of noticeable downtime,” said Elizabeth Ingraldi of Hampton Major Appliances and Televisions in Garden City, N.Y. “The new site layout is more enjoyable to use and aesthetically pleasing while also, perhaps most importantly, more efficient to sell from and easier to visit.” to secure their place in line. RWS will provide retailers with Levels 1 and 2 with conversion information later this year. “The RWS team did a superb-excellent job on the new site for Schewels, completing the new site in record time,” said Scott Allen of Lynchburg, Va.-based Schewel Furniture Company with stores in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. “I cannot believe how functional and beautiful the new Schewels site looks—RWS is the best.” CONTINUOUS SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENT PAIR ‘SOCRATES’ WITH WEBFRONTS ® LEVEL 4 In keeping with RWS’ core value of Continuous Sustainable Improvement, the company will migrate all of its 2,000 retailer customers’ WebFronts to the powerful new platform free of one-time or increased monthly fees. All Level 4 retailers that signed up to secure their place in line during fall trade shows were migrated to the new design platform one month ahead of schedule. If you are a WebFronts Level 1 or 2 customer, consider upgrading to Level 3 or 4 today and experience all that ‘Socrates’ has to offer for your site’s user experience sooner! There’s nothing to lose but e-commerce and in-store business for your store. Learn more by contacting RWS today at (800) 417-2799 or WebFronts ® Level 3 customers can begin their migration to ’Socrates’ by signing up at LIVING OUR VALUES: Retailer Web Services operates through 4 Core Values. They don’t just hang on the wall in our break room, they are used to make almost every decision at RWS, including which development projects will rise to the top of our priorities. PROBLEM SOLVING CONTINUOUS SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENT DELIVER VALUE TRUSTED ADVISORS