Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Winter 2018 | Page 8

COVER FEATURE ‘SOCRATES’ DESIGN PLATFORM DEBUTS: FULL SCREEN, RESPONSIVE, AND FEATURE RICH O n Aug. 1, 2017, Jessica Burzycki of Keith’s Appliances in Norwich, Conn., and Jennie Gilbert of RWS shared a text exchange that would forever change the WebFronts® user experience: Jessica: “It’s live!! We are still testing but no problems so far [smiley emoji] I placed a test order as well. Thank you so much, Jennie. You and your team are the best! Jennie: Thank you for being Socrates #1! Jessica: Please tell your team I said thank you! The two were ecstatic about the successful go- live of the new look for on “Socrates”, WebFronts’ industry leading 5th generation design platform. The new platform features a best in class end-user experience to not only delight customers, but also to convert more of them. According to Gilbert, Burzycki was the first beta tester to migrate their new ‘Socrates’ design from the staging environment to production. A group of RWS employees representing various parts of the new platform project, along with Gilbert and RWS CEO Jim Kane Jr., gathered in a conference room for a button-pushing ceremony. Christina Draize, a User Interface expert that worked on the new design, did the honors and within mere minutes— and without incident—Keith’s new ‘Socrates’ design went live! 8 On Aug. 13, Gilbert announced free migrations to the next gen platform to independent retailers during a ‘Socrates’ debut session at the MEGA National Convention in Nashville. During the