Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Winter 2018 - Page 2

RE:MARKET WELCOME Retailers Deserve More A No-Nonsense Guidebook for Independent Retailers Like You T hank you for settling down with the Winter 2018 issue of Digital Advisor Magazine. Our goal in this second edition, like the first that launched last fall, is to deliver straightforward, data-driven and useful advice to independent retailers of appliances, furniture and mattresses. We hope the content herein is as educational as it is inspirational. As the Digital Age takes over every aspect of retail as we know it, all of us at Retailer Web Services (RWS) are committed to your success in 2018 and beyond. We demonstrate our commitment to independent retailers by delivering on our core value of Continuous Sustainable Improvement. Within these pages are many examples of the latest technology that’s been developed exclusively for you, shaped by your consumers’ online shopping behaviors. Our “Socrates” cover story is a striking example of this improvement cycle; this new design platform takes your WebFront to the next level, delighting your customers with the optimal online shopping experience. We’re making sure you stay ahead of Google’s update curve by providing unique SSL certificates, ensuring the ultimate in security for all retailers’ sites on our network (page 12). 2017 also brought a new email notification system to retailers about who’s on their site, what products they’re looking at and how to reach them (see “Hot Prospect,” page 4); and a new feature for retailers’ use in-store, too (see “Price Quotes,” page 6). Available for sale on Amazon or Get All of this additional value was delivered to you automatically because we believe independent retailers deserve more. Your business is a powerful force for good in the world. And through the promise of technology, we will continue to power you. Happy learning! your FREE e-copy at James “Jim” Kane, Jr. Jennie Gilbert Founder and CEO, RWS COO, RWS