Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Winter 2018 - Page 13

users’ web browsers to the websites they’re visiting. In addition to the “HTTPS,” users will also see a little padlock next to the URL in the address bar of most browsers. For independent retailers on the Retailer Web Services (RWS) network, WebFronts® sites have always used HTTPS security within areas where customers exchange sensitive information, such as inside of the shopping cart. And, Level 4 WebFronts®, released in spring 2016, always included HTTPS security on every page of the site, end-to-end. STAYING AHEAD OF THE GOOGLE UPDATE CURVE: SSLS FOR EVERYONE! In the spirit of RWS’ core value of Continuous Sustainable Improvement, last fall the company extended its HTTPS end-to-end security to every site on every level. RWS purchased and installed unique SSL certificates for all 2,000 sites on its network to ensure no retailer’s site would scare users away after Google’s update. “When we caught wind of what Google’s October update would bring, it was an easy decision for us to invest the time and resources in delivering SSL certificates to every single retailer we serve,” said RWS COO Jennie Gilbert. THE BENEFITS FOR RWS CUSTOMERS OF THE FREE SSL CERTIFICATE UPDATE • Users will have confidence when shopping—and purchasing—on retailers’ websites because they’re secure, end-to-end. • Prospective online customers won’t be deterred by scary security warnings that show on websites without an SSL certificate. • SSL certificates improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a bonus! • RWS customers never have to worry about securing their sites because RWS does all the work. DON’T GO IT ALONE The SSL market is growing as companies realize the importance of encryption in cybersecurity best practices, according to GlobalSign, a global identity and security solutions provider. In a recent blog post, “How Much Does an SSL Certificate Really Cost?,” Doug Beattie, GlobalSign’s Vice President of Product Management, points out that if you have started researching SSL certificate vendors online, you have probably already encountered a wide range of certificate types, packages, solutions and add- ons. Varied certificate options and services can be found from numerous certificate authorities located around the world. Deciding what to purchase can get quite complicated—and expensive. If you’re worried your site might not be secure, get in touch with RWS today. An expert staff member will check your site and provide helpful advice in this mission- critical area. Aside from the security risk, there’s no way to tell how many shoppers you’ll lose if they don’t feel safe exchanging their personal information on your website. For more information, visit or call (800) 417-2799 . BEHIND THE SCENES: S-S- SAL’S FOR AVERY-ONE! Adding SSL certificates to the nearly 2,000 websites RWS hosts was no small feat! Much of the development work was expertly handled by two RWS programmers, Sal Salazar and Avery Gonzales. This project took several months, and since our development team loves code and code names, it became known as “S-S-Sal’s for Avery-one.” It’s one of our better code names, if we do say so ourselves. Thank you, Sal and Avery, and the many other RWS team members that also contributed, for all your hard work! LIVING OUR VALUES: Retailer Web Services operates through 4 Core Values. They don’t just hang on the wall in our break room, they are used to make almost every decision at RWS, including which development projects will rise to the top of our priorities. PROBLEM SOLVING CONTINUOUS SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENT DELIVER VALUE TRUSTED ADVISORS 13