Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Winter 2018 | Page 10

RETAILER Q&A WHAT ARE YOUR DIGITAL PRIORITIES IN 2018? We asked furniture, mattress and appliance retailing experts – including vendors, buying groups and successful retailers, too – what their digital priorities are in the New Year. These three specific concerns rose to the top: 9.5% OTHER 23.9% 33.33% 33.33% CONVERTING WEB ANALYTICS TO ACTION • SOLICITING AND SHARING MORE CUSTOMER REVIEWS • EXPANDING PAY-PER-CLICK Here’s what these experts say is, “The most important thing retailers should get right about their digital presence in 2018”: “Dealer reviews: Customers are very aware of review sites and use them for research when determining where to buy.” - Kara Morgan | Director of Marketing & Member Services | The New England Appliance & Electronics Group “The content on our sites, advertisements and social presence has to be on-point and engaging. With all of the information floating around out there, you only have a small window at any given time to capture and hold the attention of the consumer.” - Jesse Johnson | Rich TV & Home Center | Portsmouth, Ohio “Retailers need to care for their website with the same level of attention they give to their physical locations. Too many independent retailers act as if by simply having a website they’ve modernized and ‘checked that box off.’” - Dave Weiss | Sherman’s Marketing Manager | Peoria, Ill. 10