Retailer Web Services Digital Advisor Fall 2017 - Page 2

RE:MARKET A No-Nonsense Guidebook for Independent Retailers Like You WELCOME Learning is More Powerful than Knowing W elcome and thank you for reading the first edition of Digital Advisor Magazine, a tool we hope will educate and inspire independent retailers of appliances, furniture and mattresses and help you win in the new frontier of digital marketing. Much research is conducted and many guidebooks are published on how children learn, how to instruct the young, and what skills they’ll need to become successful adults. But what happens when your formal education is done? Then what? There is still so much more to learn! But also so much pressure to somehow already know it all. We simply can’t know it all. The meteoric rise of digital technology requires every business today, from pizza restaurants to furniture stores, to engage in sophisticated digital strategies no matter how unrelated tech seems to its core purpose. The rapid pace of technological changes ensures that no matter what new skills are learned, there will always be new developments evolving. Set down any worry that you should already be an expert in this arena. Instead, embrace that learning is more powerful than knowing. on Amazon or Get Entrepreneurs like you wear many hats, and while you’re busy ordering merchandise, waiting on customers and hiring new employees, it can seem impossible to find time to network with peers or learn from experts. We hope these pages can help! In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to read opinions directly from fellow retailers, get tips from industry experts and access the digital tools you need to evaluate and grow your business. your FREE e-copy at Happy learning! Available for sale James “Jim” Kane, Jr. Founder and CEO, RWS Jennie Gilbert COO, RWS