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MAJOR COMMITMENT FROM HECHT-LEVI FOUNDATION ENDOWS THE BSO’S PRINCIPAL TIMPANI POSITION On September 23, over 40 BSO friends and Wyman and Levi family members gathered to celebrate the dedication of the Orchestra’s Principal Timpani Chair. The Levi Family Chair is the Orchestra’s first new endowed chair in over 13 years. Prior to the Principal Timpani chair, the most recently endowed position was that of the Associate Concertmaster in 2005. At the dedication, BSO Board Member and Hecht-Levi Foundation President Sandra Levi Gerstung was presented with a framed pair of signed timpani mallets in recognition and appreciation Levi and Wyman families celebrate the dedication of the Levi Family Principal Timpani Chair of the Levi Family’s very generous commitment and their many decades of support for the Orchestra. It was the perfect way to kick off the Orchestra’s 2018-19 season! Pictured: Sandra Levi Gerstung, James Wyman and Marin Alsop ORCHKIDS: ORCHESTRATING HOPE AND CHANGE The Brown family and OrchKids Students GOAL JOIN THE BROWN CHALLENGE! Our very own OrchKids program was featured in the latest issue of O Magazine. In just ten years, the program has grown from 30 students to 1,300. Maestra Alsop hopes that this number will be 10,000 one day, and with the support of the Campaign, we know we can get there. In efforts to create social change through music, OrchKids students receive musical training, mentorship and healthy meals. The magazine gave Maestra Alsop the well- deserved title of a “local hero” and an “instrument of change.” She has created a program proving music can change lives as well as entire communities. 4 Congressman Elijah Cummings also released an article in AFRO magazine this past summer calling the OrchKids program an “orchestra of hope for Baltimore’s future.” The Congressman expressed how proud he was of the program and its mission to give inner- city students a voice. He is a strong believer in music and the arts, as they “feed our children’s souls, stimulate their minds and help them become forces for good in our community.” He urged his readers and constituents to donate to the Brown Challenge and be a part of something that will lift up the lives of our children. We are so thankful to have the support and encouragement of one of our congressmen. In early 2016, the Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Family Foundation generously awarded the BSO a five-year, $500,000 challenge grant in support of the BSO’s OrchKids program. The terms of the grant require the BSO to raise $100,000 annually through December 2020 from the African-American community; with the goal to raise $1,000,000 in total at the end of the pledge period. Join the challenge at! $500,000 61.3 % $306,590