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OUR ORCHESTRA OVERSEAS The BSO recently returned from its first international tour in 13 years, making stops in Ireland and the UK. Maestra Marin Alsop led the Orchestra to international acclaim with its BBC Proms performance and its appearance in the Edinburgh International Festival. In celebration of the centennial of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, Alsop payed homage to her mentor by programming much of the American composer’s music throughout the tour. The Orchestra’s success this summer would not have been possible without the support of our home audience. Thank you to our dedicated patrons who attend our performances in Baltimore, Strathmore and overseas! The Orchestra takes a bow after a performance in Edinburgh Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians in front of Royal Albert Hall Sight-seeing in London Pictured: Judy Witt Phares, Neil Meyerhoff, Scott Phares, Sayra Meyerhof and RoseEllen Greene Exploring St. Andrews, Scotland Pictured: Susan Chouinard, Gloryann Snyder and Lainy LeBow-Sachs THE TOUR BY THE NUMBERS: 106 MUSICIANS 9 DAYS OF TRAVEL 5 FLIGHTS 4 PERFORMANCES 3 TONS OF CARGO and unlimited memories that will last a lifetime! The Orchestra makes history with its BBC Proms debut performance in London 3