ReSolution Issue 26, December 2020 | Page 3

ReSolution Issue No. 23

01 From the Editor

03 ReSolution® In Brief

06 Avoiding Conflict and improving Dispute resolution for IT Projects
13 Ten years in a leaky boat– lucky just to keep afloat
17 Court confirms arbitral tribunal’s construction of an arbitration agreement as to the correct seat of the arbitration
21 Case in Brief: Court holds Early Neutral Evaluation can be ordered without party consent in Lomax v Lomax [2019] EWCA Civ 1467.
25 Brexit: a cautionary tale for divorcing couples?
29 Eldercare mediation: setting up families for success
33 English High Court refuses to enforce unchallenged arbitral award in light of new evidence
37 NZ mediation community rallies around Auckland Law School - the leading global performer in mediation advocacy
39 Statement of agreed facts in development valuation dispute: "to bind or not to bind, that is the question ... "
43 The Singapore Mediation Convention: the dual questions of cost and time. Part five of a six part series
47 When Mediation gets HOT: Abberley v Abberley

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Expert Determination for Accounting and Financial Services

Model Clause: In the event of any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this contract, or the subject matter of this contract, including any question about its existence, validity or termination, the parties must refer that dispute in the first instance to Expert Determination in accordance with the Expert Determination Rules of the New Zealand Dispute Resolution Centre.

To secure the appointment of an expert determiner contact NZDRC at [email protected]