ReSolution Issue 21, June 2019 | Page 2

From the editor

Welcome to the 21st issue of ReSolution® in which we draw on the experience and knowledge of leading experts in the field to bring you commentary, articles and reviews on topical matters relating to domestic and international dispute resolution.
In this issue, we look at conferring exclusive jurisdictions on experts in rent review disputes, the granting of access to documents for use in arbitral disciplinary proceedings by the Commercial Court in London, the ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that affirms the enforceability of arbitration clauses despite related class action, the benefits of arbitrating banking and finance disputes and more.
In Case in Brief we review the English High Court's decision in Sonact Group Limited v. Premuda SPA [2018], where the Court confirmed it's pro-arbitration approach to the interpretation of arbitration agreements.
In the first of an exciting new six part series, Catherine Green provides an introduction to the Singapore Mediation Convention. Successive articles in the series will explore the question of whether becoming signatories to the Singapore Convention would be a positive development for states located within the Trans-Pacific region.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all our contributors. We are most grateful for the support we receive from dispute resolution professionals, law firms, and publishers, locally and overseas, that allows us to share with you papers and articles of a world-class standard, and to bring you a broad perspective on the law and evolving trends in the delivery and practice of domestic and international dispute resolution.

Contributions of articles, papers and commentary for future issues of ReSolution® are always welcome. I do hope you find this issue interesting and useful. Please feel free to distribute ReSolution® to your friends and colleagues – they are most welcome to contact us if they wish to receive our publications directly.

Warmest regards,

John Green