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Product Trends
Global insulated concrete form market is segmented into different products like cellular concrete , polystyrene foam , cement bonded polystyrene beads , polyurethane foam and cement bonded wood fiber .
Polystyrene foam is the biggest product segment and contributed more than 69.1 % of global insulated concrete form industry share for 2015 . The reasons for the segment growth can be credited to customer choice like power efficacy , structural security , low maintenance charges and comfort .
Polyurethane foam segment had experienced rapid acceptance in insulated concrete foam construction sector with revenue projected at more than $ 100.1 million for 2015 . China is predicted to be the highest producer as well as regional customer for this segment .
North America UHD / 4K panel market size by application , 2013-2024 ( USD Million )
Regional Trends
Global insulated concrete form industry is segmented into geographical locations like North America , Middle East & Africa , Asia Pacific , Latin America and Europe .
Asia Pacific , with biggest materials and construction sector all across the globe , remains an attractive destination , driven by India and China insulated concrete form market . It is predicted to expand at more than 10.1 %.
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