Residential Estate Industry Journal 3 - Page 22

Taming the ‘Fibre to the Home’ challenge Residential Estates across South Africa are wrestling with the challenge of deploying fibre networks. The number of technological and commercial options are bewildering. Cutting through the fog of technical terms and acronyms to find the right solution or network operator is not easy. It can be confusing. Is it better to own the network? Can you get the operator to take on most of the risk and cost? How do you integrate and enhance your existing access control and security system? Can the PBX make use of the fibre? Which commercial model makes sense? What exactly do “open access”,“converged services” and “layered services” mean? How do we avoid crowds of casual labourers wandering around the estate? Why you should consider Frogfoot Networks as a FTTH partner Frogfoot is experienced; with over 8 years of deploying and managing fibre networks in both commercial and residential parks. Frogfoot is competent; deploying fibre to more than 90,000 households makes us one of the largest FTTH deployers in SA. Frogfoot is innovative; using technologies like micro trenching, connecterized optical builds, and fully automated network provisioning, to deploy more effectively. Frogfoot is Open Access; by focusing solely on providing infrastructure to Service Providers, everyone gains from the network. Residents can choose between multiple ISPs in an ultra competitive market. Frogfoot encourages competition; with a large number of affiliated ISPs and some of the most aggressive pricing in the market today. Uniform pricing across all national FTTH precincts fosters competitive pricing and high service levels.