Property ABOVE: Time to enjoy stress-free living in retirement. Low maintenance living O N MOVING to Churchill Retirement Living’s new developments at Andover, Newbury and Salisbury owners get more than just a new apartment, they embrace a whole new way of life. Owners have a comfortable, secure place to live, with the option to socialise with others as much or as little as they choose, but perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that they no longer have to worry about maintenance. At this time of year, keeping the house and garden maintained is probably the last thing some people want to think about. If you own a large property it can be a year-round job and a real burden when you would rather relax and enjoy retirement. A brand new Churchill Retirement Living apartment removes the stress of keeping things in good order because it is looked after by a lodge manager who is there to oversee the building’s day-to-day running. Churchill’s award-winning customer service team is also on hand to respond quickly to anything that needs fixing or adjusting. Instead of worrying, owners can sit back and relax with the peace of mind that any exterior work, gardening and other jobs are taken care of. Churchill owner Brian Howard (pictured above) and his partner moved to their new apartment at in the heart of Salisbury. Brian said: “We didn’t move to Sarum Lodge to put our slippers on and be inward looking – we wanted to make the move whilst we still had the ability to get out and about and enjoy all that life has to offer. “We really see our wonderful new home as our springboard to be able to enjoy the rest of our life outside of it. The combination of retaining our independence, whilst having the opportunity to be part of the Lodge community, delivers the best of both worlds. It’s lovely to have the choice.” Resident 49