Wellbeing Great skin starts at any age A CNE is a common skin condition for individuals with oily skin which can cause much anxiety and sadness for those dealing with it. Without treatment it can affect many people throughout their lives if the cause is not managed. For those prone to spots, the build-up of oil creates an environment where bacteria can multiply, leading to inflammation and spots and those inflamed spots cause damage which may leave pigmentation and scarring. When we talk about acne many people picture teenagers or young people with very problematic skin, but the variety of people who suffer and the effects they might see is far wider. Acne and troublesome skin can be frustrating and life altering, but the good news is that it is completely manageable if you work with a professional to understand your skin and develop a unique plan of action. There is a solution. First, you need to stop your skin producing the spots, which involves ABOVE: Before and after acne treatment. clearing pores and removing the bacteria. Many washes and scrubs are available on the high street; sadly the NHS does not fund aesthetics treatments as a way of managing acne, however these are hugely effective. Once we have spent time working to stop spots appearing, we can move to the treatment of marks Prepare your body ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ said Benjamin Franklin, and it is still so very true. The summer holidays have passed and autumn/winter is well on its way. For some of us that means winter sports, namely skiing or snowboarding, but how do we prepare for such unique sporting pursuits? Easy, and it’s not rocket science, you need to get active in a specific way; for example, If you are going to run a 10k race, you go running. If you are new to either skiing or snowboarding there are local teaching establishments which are ideal for both learning and practising. Indoor and artificial slopes are available in Southampton, Basingstoke and further afield at Hemel Hempstead. If you have already been away skiing, you’ll know the kinds of movement patterns needed, such as squats, lunges and core work. Find a circuits’ class, or a specific ‘ski fit’ class to attend and make the effort. My point is, to really enjoy your time away, prep in the correct way to make it so much more rewarding and safer. Advice: Andy McNeil 30 Resident or scarring. Chemical peels, micro needling and non ablative laser resurfacing therapy work together to tackle post inflammatory pigmentation and scarring, gradually bringing it back to an even tone, colour and texture by stimulating cell renewal and producing new collagen and elastin fibres for smoother, firmer and glowing skin. The market is flooded with medications, face washes, non- medical treatments and products to cover acne or create a short term effect, but they do not tackle the underlying cause. Every face is individual, and only by understanding the person, their skin, using the right combination of treatment and effective aftercare will you be able to achieve tangible results. Advice: Sharron Gordon (skincare expert, pharmacist consultant and aesthetics practitioner), who has recently rebranded her clinic as (previously YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ALL LEVELS Call Andy for further details on • Local classes • Corporate fitness • Personal training • Pilates classes • Boxercise & Circuits