Travel Snow report W E ALL HIT THE search engines when we seek information. Twyford- based Roger Walker, co-owner of local ski company Ski-2, visits these regularly and recommends them as a starting point for the next trip. Between Sean, Peter and Felice, the three journalists and avid skiers who set up this website, they have skied in more than 500 different ski resorts in 22 countries. As well as managing this website, they’ve written features about skiing in every national newspaper and hundreds of UK and international magazines. It’s packed full of information about resorts, travel companies and information to make the hunt for your next ski holiday a little easier! Originally a ski guide in book format, this informative website gives detailed information about just about every ski resort in the world, including a genuine assessment (in the eyes of its editors) of the pros and cons of each resort. The Ski Club’s resort guides include detailed reviews, piste maps and photos to help you choose the best resort for your next holiday. The Ski Club, founded in 1903, has hundreds of volunteer representatives active in 18 resorts worldwide. Whether you are an improving skier or love adventurous off-piste skiing, its reps will facilitate groups so you can socialise and ski with people of similar abilities and aspirations. This one is the ‘go to’ website for those looking for employment in the Alps. Whether you are looking to work as a chalet host in your gap year, training to be a ski instructor or thinking of retiring early to spend a few winters in the Alps working for a British ski company, this site is where most tour companies advertise vacancies. Edited by the charismatic Frank ‘Scoop’ Baldwin, the Skier and Snowboarder is both a free printed publication and a website. One of the longest running publications, it is a great source for ski stories and news from resorts around the world. Finally, if you are buzzing with ideas and yearning for Italy now that you have had an opportunity to browse the above, talk to Roger, who specialises in 37 hotels in Champoluc and a British-run ski school in the heart of the Alps. Resident 25