Character Day parade of horses – special thanks to Clive Bennett, understand why. He’s mischievous, funny, plain-speaking, ambitious, fiercely competitive, dedicated to a life which involves daily 5.30am gallops, an immensely proud family man and owner of a yard many do not realise is tucked away on the outskirts of the city. When he states ‘If I won the lottery tomorrow I would still be doing exactly the same thing’, he means it. “The best part of this life is that I’ve had so much fun out of horses. Jen and I have hunted and raced together, we’ve met terrific people from every walk of life, amongst them a lady who absolutely loves racing and really knows her horses… Her Majesty the Queen!” There you have it, from the horse’s mouth. Morestead features: a five- furlong woodchip gallop, situated next to the yard for easy access; more than two miles of grass gallops; various schooling facilities including an enclosed all- weather school to warm up horses before they go on the gallops, also used as an educational area for those that need flat and jumping work; a six-horse walker to aid cooling down and help horses which cannot be ridden for any reason; turn-out paddocks and 54 boxes, from which the horses enjoy beautiful views . Resident 23