Reports 2016 CTRM Market Update - Page 5

2016 CTRM Market Update / Despite the lower license revenues from 2014 to 2015, services revenues were relatively flat year to year: // Though vendor and 3rd services associated with implementing SaaS/Hosted solutions tend to be lower than traditional implementations, the num- ber of deals done in both categories did help sustain services revenues. // Regulatory compliance efforts, particularly in Europe, drove additional higher than anticipated vendor services revenues associated. Total CTRM Market Revenue Forecast By Commodity The developments and trends affecting the commodity categories and their underlying markets reflected in this analysis for 2015 were as follows: / The largest impact of falling commodities prices was arguably in the Ags & Softs space, with a significantly lower number of CTRM deals and lower deal size in that segment than previously forecast. / Natural gas centric solutions were also significantly impacted, as falling prices for the commodity in North America resulted in reduced IT systems spending by most market participants, reducing both deal counts and deal sizes. /T  hough oil prices did fall in track with other commodities during the year, those falling prices were actually beneficial for a number of market participants, particularly in the refining and petrochemical space. These markets helped to of fset low- er numbers of deals in the trading and merchant categories and resulted in demand for oil centric CTRM solutions being higher than in 2014 and approximately in-line with our previous estimates. / T he CTRM markets for power are primarily utility-centric and are somewhat isolated from commodity market prices. Nonetheless, total global revenues derived from power deals was flat to 2014. Regionally, while there appears to be a larger number of power deals consummated in Europe in 2015, most were at a lower price point than in previous years. However, we did note an increase in retail provider deals in this market in the US in 2015, though deals values in this segment are traditionally lower than other market segments, and its contribution to the overall market is relatively small. Total CTRM Market Revenues Forecast By Geography The 2015 CTRM revenue results by geography reflects a number of global and regional economic trends that emerged beginning in late 2014 and continued throughout the year in 2015: / The Asia-Pac CTRM markets were significantly impacted by the slowing Chinese economy and its knock-on effects across the region. Though CTRM-related rev- enues in this region were flat from 2014 to 2015, the results for 2015 were significantly lowe "F