Report to the Community 2013 - Page 16

PROGRAM ‘With an eye on future horizons we have considered each creative choice for 2013 as part of a developing narrative; rich in traditions that will develop as each new edition unfolds. Our creative brief is grounded in the concept of connections; to and between people, places and artists and their work. So we are also focused on partnerships and how much of the legacy of each Festival lies in working collaboratively with the many important arts and cultural organisations and institutions in Melbourne. If the Festival can be seen as a room with many doors, then our hope is that audiences enter through one, perhaps drawn only by a particular artist or show, but once inside they discover a wealth of extraordinary experiences’. JOSEPHINE RIDGE, Creative Director 16 2013 PROGRAMMING FOCUS • Develop local national and international creative partnerships • Significantly increase in our investment in new works and in particular co-commissions with artists and creative companies; • A greater commitment to provide an international platform for independent theatre; • A wider connection to Australian Indigenous programming; • The introduction of several tri-annual curated series’; • A new design for the Foxtel Festival Hub, with particular attention to the performance space and food trucks; • A wealth of events that connect and challenge singular creative genres; • A significant increase in classical and contemporary music programming.