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PUBLICITY Herald Sun Brief: MELFEST Page 1 of 2 Tuesday 27/9/2011 Page: 57 Section: Arts & Entertainment Region: Melbourne Circulation: 495,000 Type: Capital City Daily Size: 312.30 sq.cms. Frequency: MTWTFS- Herald Sun Friday 7/10/2011 Page: 87 Section: Arts & Entertainment Region: Melbourne Circulation: 495,000 Type: Capital City Daily Size: 427.11 sq.cms. Frequency: MTWTFS- 28 ARTS&LIFESTYLE arts&lifestyle The Australian Jewish News – Friday, September 16, 2011 Six-metre tall sculptures of demonic infants created by the Russian art collective AES+F will adorn the city streets during the Melbourne Festival. Artistic feast from the world stage Leading performers from around the world in the fields of theatre, music, dance and art will star in the annual Melbourne Festival next month. Dany Gocs looks at some of the Jewish performers who will be taking part in the event. T HE farewell performance by Chunky Move artistic director Gideon Obarzanek is one of the highlights of the Melbourne Festival that gets under way next month. And Israeli-born dancer Hofesh Shechter returns to Australia for the festival with his first full-length work, the critically acclaimed Political Mother, while the Malthouse Theatre stages Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, an avant-garde production from Back to Back Theatre about a Hindu god with the head of an elephant who confronts Hitler to seek the return of the swastika symbol. Festival artistic director Brett Sheehy describes this year’s event as the “most international” of festivals, with artists from many countries including Israel, Ref: 117239031 Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) licenced copy Brief: MELFEST Page 1 of 2 South Africa, Russia, China and India. “Our theme of coming together, of finding what unites us across cultures, includes works which celebrate what can be achieved through unity,” he explains. Melbourne-based Jewish choreographer Obarzanek, who is retiring as artistic director of Chunky Move after 15 years in the position, is well known for his genre-defying dance productions. In Assembly, Chunk