Report to the Community 2011 - Page 21

AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Multicultural communities Melbourne Festival works closely with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) to build bonds with diverse local artists and communities from varied backgrounds, and connect them with the vibrant arts our city has to offer. Our 2011 collaborations included: •  masterclass led by Leila Buck of Aftermath (New York Theater A Workshop), tailored to a group of Melbourne’s leading theatre makers and cultural producers with refugee backgrounds. This was held at the Malthouse Theatre, 12th October, with 17 local participants. •  dance workshop with Jecko Siompo from We Came from the A East, Indonesia’s world renowned dance choreographer from Papua. This was held at the Malthouse Theatre, with 10 local participants. •  Food Sharing Workshop based on a local version of Journey’s A of Love and More Love with England’s award winning motiroti Company. This workshop was open to anyone who was prepared to shared their stories of migration and how this may be represented via their dinner tables. This was held at Arts House, Meat Market, 1st October with 20 local participants. T •  he introduction of a Festival Ambassador’s program titled ‘Igniting Imagination’. This involved six prominent and active members of Melbourne’s culturally diverse artistic communities to take an active role in promoting their Festival experience to their specific communities. EDUCATION PROGRAM The cornerstone of the Festival’s education program are the ‘Education Resource Packs’ and the ‘Schools Program Brochure’, which includes the $15 student ticketing form, encouraging student and school participation. Below is a highlight of the statistics from the 2011 Education program. •  Festival show education resource packs available for free 5 download from the Festival website generated 782 downloads. •  he schools program brochure was mailed to 1,240 teachers via T the Festival’s database, teacher organizations and venues and generated 3,003 downloads. 2 •  011 total student tickets sold – 1,066 •  op five shows attended by schools in 2011: T • The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane – 241 attendees • Political Mother – 163 attendees • Hedda Gabler – 117 attendess • Tom Tom Crew – 88 attendees • Aftermath – 78 attendees Page 21