Report to the Community 2010 - Page 6

Our Vision Melbourne Festival exists to present one of the world’s leading annual, international arts festivals showcasing contemporary themes to a broadlybased and highly-engaged audience. Each year, the Festival will produce a curated program which through both its individual productions and its overall vision: “... a gorgeous spectacle.” The Age on The Blue Dragon “... exquisitely complex theatre experience.” Sunday Herald Sun on The Blue Dragon “If this is the future of theatre, it is paved with the welcome light of a new frontier.” Sunday Herald Sun on The Blue Dragon • Offers intelligent engagement with the artists, topography and infrastructure of Melbourne; •  acilitates and further F develops arts practice and the arts community; •  eflects the world’s creative R innovation; • Provokes enquiry, curiosity and intellectual engagement; •  xposes audiences to E experiences outside their previous experience and expectation; •  ngages in debate about the E nature and purpose of art and performance; •  pholds artistic integrity U while striving to support stakeholder expectations and interests; •  nticipates and responds to A Australian and international Robert Lepage – The Blue Dragon cultural developments; photo: Joe Calleri • Supports and encourages cultural activity in the public domain; •  resents the work of major international performing artists and arts companies; P • Curates a significant visual arts program; • Tours components of the Festival program to