Report to the Community 2010 - Page 18

What a Year! Total Attendance: 503, 603 Tickets Sold: 83,061 Box Office Income: $2,790,168 Number of Events: 56 Number of Free Events: 16 Number of Performances: 806 Number of Commissioned Works: 6 Number of Visual Arts Exhibitions: 13 Exclusives to Melbourne: 36 World Premieres: 18 World Premiere Television Events: 1 Australian Premieres: 12 International Productions: 37 Participating Artists: 1398 Sold Out Performances: 107 Average Ticket Price: $39.37 Economic Impact: $39.5 million “One of the greatest benefits of the Festival is to be exposed to the world of arts, and Michael Clark’s company shows us contemporary dance at its most inventive and exciting.” Sunday Herald Sun on come, been and gone Melbourne Festival – Annual Report 2010 Michael Clark Company – come, been and gone photo: John Sones Page 18