Report: CSR activities - Page 8

08 04 PLANET « The collaboration with Stephan Goetz and Stefan Sanktjohanser from goetzpartners is extremely valuable for us. Thanks to their manifold and continuous support since 2004, we have been able to implement collaborative national park management, community development, forest restoration « and environmental education in order to preserve the natural treasures in West Kalimantan. EBERHARD BRANDES CEO of WWF Germany We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing travel, choosing eco-friendly transportation, using green energy sources for our offices and taking steps to avoid creating unnecessary waste. We offset our remaining carbon footprint by engaging in credible environmental protection measures. Our efforts in Borneo are one example of this commitment. In Borneo, our Founders support the WWF‘s project to conserve the rainforest with its biodiversity and its ecosystem. The program also aims to involve the local communities in the protection efforts by creating business opportunities based on environmental protection. We REDUCED our CARBON FOOTPRINT by ~ 1,500 t CO2 in one year Together with WWF, we will offset ~ 95,000 t CO2 by 2024