Report: CSR activities - Page 7

07 03 PROJECTS We give careful consideration to the type of clients and projects we choose to work for and with. Each of our prospective engagements is discussed and approved by a Project Evaluation Board beforehand. During our projects, we take a co-pilot approach. We work with our clients in a respectful relationship among equal partners – combining our expertise and methodologies with their knowledge to come up with implementable and sustainable results. This attitude enables us to dig down to the decisive core of every project together with our client and deliver the highest possible value based on strong ethical principles. For PORR AG, a leading European construction company, we conducted an in-depth “Fitness Check” that resulted in the development and implementation of a comprehensive transformation program. This program was tailored to the client’s specific requirements in close collaboration with PORR AG’s project team, and the program had the full support of PORR’s management and workforce because it was developed jointly. « The goetzpartners advisers quickly developed an in-depth understanding of our business processes and upcoming challenges. Interactions with employees and managers were cooperative and characterized by mutual respect. The results are a solid basis for sustained « growth of our business. KARL-HEINZ STRAUSS CEO at PORR AG