Report: CSR activities - Page 6

06 02 PEOPLE OUR TRANING PROGRAMS IN NUMBERS >130 DAYS >800 PARTICIPANTS > 4,900 HOURS We have established a number of programs that help our employees reach their full potential. The programs range from individual mentors, quarterly project evaluations, 360° feedback via promotion and MBA programs to flexible working programs and individual support for colleagues in difficult situations. We also run the Women@gp program to attract female advisers, sharpen their skills with the help of dedicated training programs and coaching, and advance their careers through networking and mentoring programs. We believe that projects deliver the best results if they are driven by a diverse team that draws on a broad range of personalities and strengths. All figures from 2018. SUSANNE KINDLER Partner, goetzpartners « In my experience, mixed teams simply work together best, and that’s why they achieve better results. My clear priority is to consistently « promote diversity at our company.