Report: CSR activities - Page 5

05 In addition, we address challenges that are inherent to the consulting industry, and we implement solutions that extend beyond industry standards, e.g., by offering flexible work programs (sabbaticals, 10+2 and 11+1 programs), promoting women at goetzpartners (e.g. with the initiative Women@gp), and offering tailor-made solutions to cope with the individual situation of each of our valued employees. PROJECTS We play a pivotal role in many of our clients’ business decisions, that can have an impact on many people’s lives. For this reason, we are very selective about the individuals we hire. We select colleagues who not only are bright but also have a mindset that reflects our strong corporate values. Furthermore, we have detailed our expectations for good behavior in our Code of Conduct. PLANET – PROTECT THE FUTURE Our work involves significant travel, and this travel has an impact on our environment. For this reason, we have taken numerous steps to minimize our carbon footprint. Examples of this approach include reducing travel, taking environmentally friendly means of transportation, using green power and introducing several smaller measures that include using black and white duplex printing as default. We offset our remaining carbon footprint by funding a project of the World Wildlife Fund in Borneo, an activity that we have been supporting for many years. PHILANTHROPY – HELP ACTIVELY We are in a privileged and fortunate position, both as a firm and as employees. For this reason, we have established a comprehensive philanthropy program that enables us to give something back to society. Our activities focus on supporting underprivileged children and youth as well as refugees. We provide this support as part of volunteer projects, social sabbaticals of our employees, pro bono advice and financial support from our goetzpartners Foundation. In collaboration with Wider Sense, a Berlin-based consulting firm focusing on social impact, philanthropy and the non-profit sector, we continuously review our approach and our strategy with the aim of enhancing it and adapting it to current developments. At the same time, we work with Wider Sense to express our societal commitment through research on the social impact sector as well as in joint projects for foundations and companies.