Report: CSR activities - Page 3

03 MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDERS Dear Readers, when we founded goetzpartners, we aimed to create an advisory firm that took a new and different approach not only toward clients but also toward people and society. Our conviction stems from the idea that success comes with responsibility. To this day, this principle remains a defining element of our corporate culture. And this applies to the company as well as its employees. In 2014, we created our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, and we have continuously refined it ever since. We started with a number of volunteer projects in Germany and enhanced it with pro bono projects and financial support from the goetzpartners Foundation that we established in 2016. At the same time, we rolled out the program at our international offices. To build a bridge between the for-profit and the non-profit world, we collaborate with Wider Sense, a consulting firm focusing on social impact, philanthropy and the non-profit sector. Together, we express our societal commitment through research on the social impact sector as well as in joint projects for foundations and companies. In addition, we have intensified our focus on interaction with our clients and employees as well as our impact on the environment. As part of this work, we constantly revise our Code of Conduct, offer various training programs to our employees and offset our carbon footprint. Both, our commercial success and our societal contribution are attributable to the tireless efforts of our employees worldwide. On behalf of every one of them, we invite you to read about the ways we help create a better world for our clients, people and society. DR. STEPHAN GOETZ Founder & Managing Partner STEFAN SANKTJOHANSER Founder & Managing Partner