Report: CSR activities - Page 17

17 ADVOCACY AND ADVISORY: WIDER SENSE Wider Sense is a consultancy specializing in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and social investment advisory. It provides strategic guidance, research services and implementation support for its clients. The driver of the Wider Sense team is the opportunity to bring together its clients’ societal engagement with pragmatic, evidence driven strategies. In 2011, Wider Sense and goetzpartners formed a strategic partnership to pool knowledge and expertise allowing for integrated strategic advisory services. A highlight of this collaboration was a 2017 study on the corporate citizenship approaches of the DAX 30 companies. For more information visit « The collaboration between goetzpartners and us is manifold. It encompasses knowledge and capacity exchange. But it also involves a close-knit network between our teams. We frequently and jointly provide support to our « clients or the not-for profit organizations they support. MICHAEL ALBERG-SEBERICH Managing Partner, Wider Sense