Report: CSR activities - Page 10

10 05 PHILANTHROPY The focal point of goetzpartners’ social responsibility is helping disadvantaged children and young people cope with life and refugees and migrants integrate into society. Our efforts focus on five different areas: VOLUNTEER PROJECTS We support 15 social initiatives in Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Moscow, Shanghai and New York by organizing events, conducting application training sessions or acting as jurors in competitions. SOCIAL SABBATICALS We offer social sabbaticals that provide our consultants with the opportunity to fully dedicate themselves to a certain social cause and work full-time for a NGO over a period of three to six months. PRO BONO ADVICE We provide pro bono support to eight initiatives. This work ranges from the creation of business cases and the identification of funding and growth strategies to restructuring, organizational design and implementation of change management. FINANCIAL SUPPORT Through the goetzpartners Foundation that was established in 2016, we provide financial support to several social initiatives – usually as part of pro bono advice. ADVOCACY AND ADVISORY We work together with Wider Sense, a consulting firm focusing on social impact, philanthropy and the non-profit sector. Our collaboration focuses on publishing studies and providing consulting services for the social projects done by foundations and corporations.