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Remittance Industry: Global Market Size, Share, Growth and Forecasts to 2020 - The key factors driving the growth of remittance market are increasing international migration, growing urbanization, accelerating economic growth and rising employment opportunities. A noteworthy trend of this industry is cost by sending and receiving method, unstable remittance cost, increased access to financial services, changing technology landscape for payments, more convenience and lesser costs, advancement in technology, and maturing of immigrant communities. However, the expansion of the market is hindered by de-risking is threatening the industry and access points establishment. Remittance Market - An Overview: An Introduction 1.2 Types of Remittance Services 1.3 Remittance Marketplace 1.4 Remittance Market Value Chain Global Remittance Market Analysis: Global Remittance Inflow 2.2 Global Average Remittance Cost by Region 2.3 Global Average Cost by Remittance Service Provider Regional Market Analysis: Remittance Market by Income Characteristics Purchase a Copy of This Report at