Rejuvenation Fall 2014 | Page 5

The holidays are growing near for each of us and we will start to see a shift in people as the sense of giving and gratitude becomes more prominent. During this holiday season I challenge you to make a date with yourself. That might look like taking a walk in nature and connecting to the elements, it could be quiet meditation, receiving a massage, or brunch at your favorite café. It is about honoring you! And while you are on this date I invite you to harness the energy of the season, so that you can let all the hard work you have accomplished, all the rewards that you deserve, all the sweetness of your fruits fill your soul so that you can go back into your world with your cup full and running over with nourishment.

Know that your self-cape is not a role that you play; it is you. I invite you to give yourself the gift of you everyday not just this holiday season. And if you did… What would become possible for your life?

"Know that your self-cape is not a role that you play; it is you."

What renews and nourishes me?

I find nourishment when I get up before my husband and children and can get some ‘me time’,

I find it driving through the mountains. I find it in the rain.

I find nourishment in the small-quiet moments of the day.

I find it when my children laugh.

Nourishment is something that I look for because not only does it bring me joy it allows me to be grateful.

By Kimberly Lindsay