Rejuvenation Fall 2014 | Page 14

The 7 R’s to Self-Care

Powerful words to apply to one’s life, Restore, Reaffirm, Revive, Replenish, Reestablish so that you may Resume, become new or start fresh.

So often in life our definition as people, parents, lovers, wives & husbands, employees, friends & family members requires that we give of ourselves to satisfy these roles.

When do you give back to yourself? When do you Restore your soul & love, Reaffirm your work within yourself, Revive your joy or desire, Replenish your own cup so that it is full again to give from & more importantly when do you Reestablish your personhood within yourself?

I am a woman so it is easiest for me to link these things to womanhood. As a wife, mother, friend, midwife I give away to others that need me the most, leaving me what? How do you draw from an empty well? It’s hard for us as modern busy people to sit back and justify time spent on “me”, but shouldn’t that be the most important time? Even Jesus asked to be left alone in the garden so He could renew Himself in his father. Shouldn’t we allow ourselves the same?

When I am talking to first time parents I am certain to get them together and talk about my “flight attendant theory” of parenting & marriage. When you board an airplane with young children the flight attendant makes a point to tell you to put on your oxygen mask BEFORE you put on your child’s. What?! WHY?! But my baby! Yes…but YOU cannot help your baby if you are suffocating, just as in

everyday life. It is so very important to feed yourself; to Renew that woman or man you were before you were mom, dad, husband, wife, employee, employer. Restore your hopes & dreams, Revive your passions, Replenish your cup so that you CAN be more fully present in your life.

In marriage you have to continue to enjoy those things you did before you were a partner in a relationship, exercise, art, books, music...alone. As parents you must Replenish your marriage, the relationship you were before kids came-continue to foster the lovers that you were first.

In your work you must Reaffirm what you do. Does it bring you joy or is it time to Reestablish yourself in a new career? Is it time to start fresh, is it time to start over, or is it time to simply refuel yourself so that you may more fully give and in return fully receive what others have to offer to you.

RENEW: (1) To make new or as if new again; RESTORE (2) To take up again; RESUME (3) To repeat so as to REAFFIRM (4) To regain or restore physical or mental vigor, REVIVE (5) To REPLINISH (6) To bring into being again, REESTABLISH (7) To become new (8) To start over.

Take care of yourself, your relationship, your children & teach them it is important to renew themselves.