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Academic Credit Requirement for Activities Eligibility
Students must be making satisfactory progress toward the Anoka-Hennepin School District requirements for graduation . Students must earn enough credits each term in order to maintain eligibility for graduation . Academic eligibility may be regained at the end of any trimester . Students need 27 credits to graduate .
Academic Eligibility [ 27 credits to graduate ]
First tri .
Second tri .
Third tri .
Grade 9
Grade 10 5.5 8.0 10.0 Grade 11 12.0 14.5 17.0 Grade 12 19.5 22.0 24.5
Academic Probation
If students are short credits that would prohibit them from participating in after-school activities , they should check with their activities office to see if they qualify for academic probation .
Awarding Credit By Assessment Intent and Purpose
In accordance with state statute , the Anoka-Hennepin School District provides a process through which Credit by Assessment , or testing out of a course , is an option available for students who wish to fulfill graduation requirements for knowledge and skills acquired outside of the school setting . This option aligns with the district ’ s mission to provide learning opportunities that meet the individual learning needs of each student .
Student Responsibility
A student interested in earning credit by assessment will follow the procedures outlined in the guidelines for awarding credit by assessment . The student will work through the requirements of the Credit by Assessment process with the appropriate school and district personnel .
If the student demonstrates proficiency in a satisfactory manner , the student ’ s transcript will show the course title , credit earned , and a course grade of “ P ”, therefore , a grade is not applied to the student ’ s district calculated GPA . The number of credits earned will be equal to the number of credits assigned to the course .
Anoka-Hennepin students in grades 9-12 may earn high school course credit by successfully demonstrating proficiency of the standards in courses offered by the district . Students who have the knowledge presented in a district course from information acquired through activities outside of school may demonstrate their mastery through a formal process of credit by assessment that may include College Level Examination Program ( CLEP ), Advanced Placement ( AP ) assessment , district course assessment ( s ) or other district approved assessments . Credit by
Assessment applicants may request the course syllabus and materials list , as well as review the course textbook prior to the start of any Credit by Assessment process .
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