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Center for Arts Choices

Options for the Arts course requirement :
Courses with 0.5 credit ( 1 trimester )
Acting II Acting III Ceramics I Ceramics II Ceramics III Computer Art I Computer Art II Dance Technique I * Dance Technique II * Dance Company * Digital Music Composition I * Digital Music Composition II * Digital Photography I Digital Photography II Digital Videography I
Drawing I Drawing II Drawing III Fashion Merchandising Fabric , Apparel and Design Floriculture Graphic Design I Graphic Design II Graphic Design III Honors Arts Symposium * Interior Design and Housing Jewelry and Craft Design I Jewelry and Craft Design II Music Exploration Medical Illustration I +
Medical Illustration II + Painting I Painting II Painting III
Social Media Marketing and Web Design
Sculpture I Sculpture II Sculpture III Video Art I Video Art II Voice Lab World Drumming
* Anoka HS only
Coon Rapids HS only
Courses with 1.0 credit ( 2 periods , 1 trimester )
Art Technology I Advanced Fashion and Design Technologies Cosmetology and Barbering Careers I
Music / Media Technology I PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design
Courses with 1.0 credit ( 2 trimesters )
Drawing / Painting [ AP Studio Art : 2-D Design / Drawing ] Ceramics / Sculpture [ AP Studio Art : 3-D Design ]
Photography [ Studio Art : 2-D Design ] Architectural Design [ Studio Art : 3-D Design ]
Courses with up to 1.5 credits ( up to 3 trimesters )
Band I
Choir I
Honors Choir IV
Honors Orchestra III
Band II
Choir II
Orchestra I
IB Visual Arts
Honors Band III
Honors Choir III
Orchestra II
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