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International Baccalaureate [ IB ]

International Baccalaureate [ IB ]

@ Champlin Park High School

International Baccalaureate [ IB ] is a rigorous program for 11th and 12th grade students interested in an honors pre-university or pre-workplace course of study . The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year , full time commitment at Champlin Park High School . The IB Career Programme is a two-year , full time commitment that combines IB Diploma courses with career and technical courses , some of which could be at STEP .
Spaces are available for students from all Anoka-Hennepin high schools . IB is offered at Champlin Park HS only ( see pages 54-60 for IB course descriptions )

Diploma Programme

Benefits :
Comprehensive course of study that encompasses all subject areas .
• Skills Learned :
• Sophisticated independent and collaborative study methods
• Dynamic discussion and critical thinking skills
• Writing and research abilities
• High scores on IB exams can earn college credit
• Internationally recognized program
IB Diploma Programme is for you if :
• You are interested in a challenging unique curriculum to develop college level skills
• You plan to go to college and want to be well prepared
• You enjoy learning and are a hard worker
Other information :
• All Diploma Programme students must take a world language and a one trimester course called Theory of Knowledge in both 11th and 12th grade .

Specialty School PROGRAMS

Career Programme

Benefits :
Seven courses of study to choose from :
• Architecture / Construction Pathway
• Communication Pathways
• Culinary Pathway
• Cybersecurity Pathway
• Design and Fabrication Pathways
• Education Pathway
• Medical Pathways
• Transportation Pathway
IB Career Programme is for you if :
• You enjoy hands-on , real world education in a challenging environment
• You want to be prepared for the workforce or continued education
• You desire to be a critical thinker and leader in your future career field
Other information :
• All Career Programme students must take one trimester of Personal and Professional Skills in both the 11th and 12th grade years .
• All Career Programme students will also take 2 trimesters of a world language or ASL in the junior year .
• In the medical pathways , upper level career courses will be conducted at STEP
• In the medical , culinary arts , cybersecurity / IT , and design and fabrication pathways , upper level career courses will be conducted at STEP
Students in IB Courses are required to take the IB Exam . There is a minimal fee required for IB exams . IB College credit varies by school – be sure to review enrollment material from colleges you are considering attending .
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